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the mics getting cut off. we'll be right back.  >>> a texas man's car was stolen in 1970 and notices it's on ebay. isn't that my car on ebay? he has spent years searching the internet for his 1969 austin healey sports car. finally found it. was able to get it back from the dealer selling it. he says it still runs, but the brakes don't work as well. man. >>> listen to this story, how could i not have been at this concert? the plug got pulled on bruce springsteen and paul mccartney playing together. happened saturday night during a concert in london. the boss already exceeded the 10:30 p.m. deadline by half an hour, when mccartney and his band joined him on stage. they got through a few songs before organizers were forced to cut off their microphones. the crowd filled the silence with loud boos. stephen van zandt tweeted -- >> meantime, london's mayor said the singers should have been allowed to keep going. there he is with his beatles wig. >> he's a fan. >> he said -- >> he looks like darryl hammond from "saturday night live" wearing a crazy wig. >> that's an awful head of hair. >> i
on passengers. what you need to know about today's commute. >>> a horrific seen on a texas highway. a pickup truck loses control killing nearly a dozen. we have the latest on that situation. >>> as president obama meets with survivors of the colorado massive shooting, some in the nation's capital debate the gun laws. we will take a closer look. >> a live look outside. traffic is not too bad in that spot on the beltway. lauren demarco will be here to tell us what is happening across the area. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood... >>> making headlines, a tragic accident in south texas involving 23 people. around 7:00 a pickup truck left the highway and crashed into trees killing 11 people including children. now, police say all of the victims were in the same ford f 250 pickup. we are told some of the survivors have life-threatening injuries. >>> tak
of thousands of dollars at least in property damage. >>> lightning blamed for a tragedy in houston, texas. two people died from a lightning strike. 200 people were in the area when the storm hit. >>> some areas of the nation see heavy rain, and it's a different story in the midwest. >> extreme heat and lack of rainfall has led to dry conditions and it's getting worse creating big problems for area farmers. sarah joins us instudio with details. >> today it could be announced the 2012 drought is one of the top 10 worst in u.s. history. it could rank up there with some years of the dust bowl during the great depression. >> we're in the worst position here today than we've been in in about 30 years. >> reporter: a lack of significant rainfall continues to cause problems for those in the midwest. lack of water in indianapolis has prompted city officials to enact a mandatory watering ban. patrols are on the lookout, as residents are prohibited from watering lawns, washing cars and filling swimming pools. >> we want to make sure everybody realizes this is a serious violation. >> reporter: the drought
obama heads to texas, that's where he'll headline a series of fundraisers for gay, latino and big donor supporters. he'll likely pick up attacks on romney's tax policies, claiming they will benefit the rich at the cost of the middle class. his campaign will try to keep the tension on romney -- attention on romney's time at bain capital. today's events could bring in as much as $5 million. meanwhile, mitt romney is trying to deflect attention from his business records and stepping up his attacks on what he calls cronyism in the white house. senior aides to former governor romney hint he may have his vice presidential selection by the end of the week. and also the end of the week the first lady will make appearances in charlottesville and fredericksburg, virginia, on friday. meanwhile, back on capitol hill, more indications the economy could be heading over a fiscal cliff. today the senate will get an update on the nation's financial health from fed chairman ben bernanke. but congress needs to take action to avert a disaster. if lawmakers and the white house don't reach a deal in the next
from the university of texas punch a few key strokes into this computer. >> two, one, capture. >> reporter: the drone goes wildly offcourse, now receiving instructions not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to the navigation system of the drone. a so-called spoofer. the effect is so dramatic, a safety pilot with a radio control has to save the drone from crashing. >> spoofing a gps receiver really is another way of hijacking a plane. >> reporter: if that sounds shocking, it's because it is. with this experiment, he showed a gaping hole in the government's plan to open up air space to the drones. >> we have 30,000 of these drones in the u.s. air space, and each one could be a potential missile. >> reporter: until now, they've been limited mostly to the battlefield, in places like iraq, afghanistan and yemen. there's a push for them to be used with law enforcement, even pilotless delivering packages across the country. the founder of fed ex wants a fleet of drones in the air as soon as possible. >> what if you could take over a drone that's up there delive
illegal immigrants killed after a pickup truck crashed san antonio, texas, over theo, weekend. t the truck was carrying the 23rr yipeople when it ran off the rod and crashed into a tree. the 89 -- the nine is survivingn passengers in the hospital. >>> the first american woman ever to travel in space has died. sally ride started her trainingt right after she was picked forcd the space program in 1 the doctor of physics was on the challenger on its 1983 flight.i she made history again by making a second trip into space on the challenger in 1984. then she sat on theth investigative commission whenis that sishuttle exploded in 1986. sally ride died of pancreaticp cancer yelled at her home in -- yelled at her home -- yesterdayy >>> thousands of people are ine town for the international aidsd conference. secretary of state hill -- hillary clinton u.s. announceds it is donating $80 million to help poor fight the spread of the virus. >>> we have experts in the studio to talk about the fight against hiv and aids, and sarah is back with a look at a progrm to help those infected.inf >> repor
of texas and louisiana under extreme heat warnings. that heat will stay to the west and we'll be enjoying a bit of a dip in the jet stream, giving us a chance for storms later this afternoon and tomorrow as a cold front approaches. we'll take the break, because we have more 90s on our five- day forecast. here is your five-day, 86 today. warm and humid. scattered storms redevelop. we'll do it again tomorrow. thursday, friday and saturday, low 90s. but not a lot of humidity out there. so it should feel reasonable good, even though the temperature will be around 90. >> humidity is the game changer, isn't it? >> we'll take it. >> julie wright is here with us now to tell us what's happening on the roadways. >> we're busy now. we have problems reported traveling westbound along route 4, working in towards wood yard road. beltway is running smoothly traveling to the exit for the wilson bridge. no problems reported at this time. meanwhile, making your trip along 270, lanes are open, no incidents out of germantown. accident activity in gaithersburg and georgia avenue and 108. fire and rescue is re
into missouri, parts of texas, going to be in the real bullsey for the heat this week.. we, on the other hands, will enjoy seasonal temperatures, ou tehighs in the upper 80s to 900 we have some showers pushing into western missouri, and iowa. that's about it. otherwise, we have a frontal system in the carolinas thatca will stay to the south, and we should be enjoying sunshine with just a few scattered showers anw there's your 5-day, lessle humidity by thursday and friday. >> i like that. >> uh-huh. >> very good.>> >> let's go to julie wright.ul she has the latest on the rush hour traffic.ic >> good morning, right now onon the roads, your going to find traffic have and steady. all lanes hope.ho northbound i 95, has the -- but again, traffic remains slow. this is typical for this hour. as you travel north, more delays, # 95 on the brakes, top stretch of the belt way, lanesl are open, but heading though -- southbound 270 tied up with delays reading 109. that's a check of the fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> the summer olympics are ina full china is leading the medal countcoun with a
over u.s. soil guided by gps. but a team from the university of texas, they were able to knock it off its course with false signals to the navigation system known as a spoofer. >> in five and 10 years, we have 30,000 of those drones and each could be a potential missile. >> the government is looking into the problem. they would help authorities monitor traffic, hazardous situations and guide first responders in emergency situation. >>> it could be a stressful monday for thousands. next, a warning from internet service providers and the fbi. >> our holly morris is rediscovering a historic maryland city, digging for hidden treasures in st. mary's. coming up, a closer look at the significance of the site and what archeologists have found so far.     ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> welcome back. no matter how secure it seems, no one's job is safe, and the presidents of some colleges and universities are learning that
-season classic. you can catch the all-star game here at 7:30. >>> in case you missed it, the texas rangers got a big on-fiel scare sunday when some storms rolled in. take a look. >> as you can see, that loud thunder clap sent players frompl both teams running for cover in the dugout. it caused a 45 minute delay.mi nuthe rangers won 4-3.wo >>> on another quick sports note, a soccer star received ata public r warning after testing positive for a banned substance, but the olympic goaltender wille get to play for the u.s. national team in london. officials say they found thisthy substance in the 30-year-old'syr system during a test on june 15th. he says the banned substance was -- she creased -- stopped taking it when she found out. >>> the music man marches into washington. >> check this out. i am at the orchestra pit.orch in this is where the director usually sits, but not now.t the two stars of the show, undes in thousand, and here with us -- -- they are here now.he stay rewith us. with us. with us. the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a deg
become up for grabs for the rest of us. >> okay. these are good tips. steve noviello in dallas, texas, always good to talk to you. >> good to see you. >> see you again soon. >>> 8:37 now. good information there. >> always is. >>> still ahead, an apology after one of the world's largest banks is suspected of helping drug cartels. >>> and get ready for big crowds at the box office this weekend for sure. up next the summer's big release "the dark knight rises," batman. we're going to get a sneak peek. stay with us. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. >>> the chairman of the federal reserve returns to capitol hill this morning. it is ben bernanke's secretary day giving his semi-annual report to the senate banking committee. yesterday he
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11